Cube Activity Tower

£330.00 Excl. VAT


  • Kitchen Helper
  • Climbing Tower
  • Sensory Tables
  • Imaginative Play Den
  • Balance & Motor Skills Development
  • Modular – seamlessly integrating within the Pikler Inspired Range

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Cube Activity Tower

The Ligneus Cube Activity Tower is truly multifunctional. From a Kitchen Helper to a fun pod play centre that seamlessly integrates with our Pikler Inspired Range this little helper is incredibly versatile.

The basic Activity tower consists of:

2 x Ligneus Cubes
2 x multifunctional platforms
2 x stainless steel trays – 25mm & 65mm depths (to convert cubes to sensory tables)
4 x mini arches (converts platforms to balance boards)
The activity tower functions as a brilliant addition to the Pikler Inspired Range. It not only seamlessly integrates with all those components but it is also a great stand alone activity centre. Here are some of the functions it carries out:

Kitchen Helper
Climbing Tower
Sensory Play Tables
Imaginative Play Den
Motor Skills Development
You really are only limited by your imagination.

Ligneus Cube Ad-Ons

To extend the versatility of the Ligneus Cube even further there are a number of exciting ad-on packages:

The Play Kitchen (& Play Serving Hatch)

The play kitchen consists of:

4 x hobs & knobs
2 x sauce pans
2 x utensils
1 x window back board
1 x shelf
1 x additional engraved (open & closed) mini arch

The Play Work Bench (& Play Shop)

The play work bench consists of:

4 x bolt heads
4 x tools
1 x window back board
1 x shelf
1 x additional engraved (open & closed) mini arch

Additional information

Age Range

Junior (4yrs – 9yrs)


Self Assembly


Pine, Plywood


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