ligneus warehouse outsideLigneus - a family business

Ligneus is a family-run wood manufacturing business born out of the idea that beautiful timeless products can be unique and tailored and not cost the Earth. Situated in the heart of the rural Cotswolds we gain a great deal of inspiration from the rustic natural beauty around us.

Our range of wood products is continually expanding through carefully developed lines and designs. We also create bespoke, branded and engraved products to individual customers' specific requirements. Please see our Bespoke Branded Products section for more information.

For interesting news and articles and new products you may want to keep up with our very our Blog on Wood.

Social responsibility - at the heart of everything we do

corporate social responsibility

As a manufacturing enterprise we recognise our actions have far reaching consequences. We relish making a positive difference and work hard in lessening our environmental impact.

All our wood is from sustainable sources. In today's world we must all take a care for our wider environment as well as that immediately around us.

Everything we do has an environmental consideration, from where we source our wood to how we heat our warehouse. We take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously so you can be confident of the ethical nature of our products.

History around the port

Ligneus has its roots embedded in the historical Brimscombe Port, which, in its heyday, was home to the largest exportation of cloth in the south-west. It flourished throughout the industrial revolution, eventually resulting in the building of Brimscombe Railway Station. The Port was a popular junction for transporting goods far and wide, often to trade overseas, and its growing popularity created an opportunity for boat craftsmen and engineers to set up shop locally.

The boats made at the Port became known for their robust and reliable build, which readied them for the rough Atlantic sea. One boat in particular commanded a Hollywood status, appearing in the 1951 John Huston film 'The African Queen'. Ligneus sits on this goldmine of bustling history in what was formerly the Boat Shed and we are very proud to be a part of the Port’s developing future. Currently there are plans to restore both Brimscombe Port and the local canal network back to their near former glory, creating an exciting time for trades in the area.