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The Nilaqua Brand – fastest & most effective sanitisers on the market

Nilaqua SanitisersThe Nilaqua brand is part of the Waterless Limited company. Nilaqua alcohol free hand sanitisers and surface cleaners are manufactured in rural Gloucestershire just like us.

Ligneus is the Official Retailer and Distributor

Is Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitiser effective against Coronoviruses and COVID19?

Yes! In fact it is one of the fastest acting sanitisers tested to be effective in under 60seconds.

……how fast?

You heard it right – it kills COVID19 under 60seconds. Many sanitisers claim to be effective within 5minutes. A lot can happen in that time and Nilaqua can help reduce that time and consequently transmission rates.

I always thought alcohol sanitisers were the best!

It is a misconception that you need alcohol as an active ingredient. Alcohol can sanitise but Nilaqua also offers ongoing protection as well as being a great coronavirus sanitiser.

Alcohol Free Kills Germs AND Protects

Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitiser Kills Germs AND Protects

Can you use Nilaqua in Foggers?

Yes you can use Nilaqua in foggers. It is ready to use and doesn’t need any dilution.

Follow this link for the Recommended fogging procedure for Nilaqua Sanitiser

Nilaqua is the leading all rounded alcohol free sanitiser and surface cleaner

Nilaqua’s outstanding Alcohol Free sanitiser is used and recommended by the NHS due to its virucidal properties. It kills up to 99.9999% of germs. The extensive list includes the dreaded Norovirus, C-Diff and all Coronaviruses. Nilaqua uses advanced barrier control providing up to 6 hours protection with the hand sanitiser and up to 30days with the surface spray. It is tested to EN1500 standards.

Nilaqua Sanitiser lasts considerably longer than gels consequently fewer pumps are needed.

Nilaqua non alcoholic sanitiser is non-toxic, non-skin drying and non-flammable. It is Halal compliant and vegan friendly / cruelty free.

Key points of the Nilaqua anti viral sanitiser:

  • Alcohol (and Paraben) FREE
  • Tested against all enveloped viruses including Coronoviruses and SARS-CoV-2
  • 99.999% effective against Germs and bacteria
  • Effective in under 60 seconds
  • 6hr protection with hand sanitiser (up to 30days with surface spray)
  • NHS Approved
  • Non Toxic, Non Irritating
  • Vegan Friendly

You can read here in more detail how this alcohol free sanitiser has no rivals

Nilaqua alcohol free Sanitisers