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Catering Trolleys

As the leading UK wooden trolley manufacturer we design and build bespoke trolleys to suit. Our standard premium quality catering trolleys with a range of sizes help maintain efficiency in any catering environment. A catering or hostess trolley speeds up table service and reduces labour and time costs. Ultimately they vastly improve customer experience. Learn more about our trolleys below

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Beautiful, Tough & Practical Catering Trolleys

From a kitchen trolley to a hostess trolley our serving trolleys are incredibly versatile so satisfy a wide range of requirements.

What are your Catering Trolleys Made from?

We manufacture our catering trolleys from the highest quality materials. These include FSC Oak, Pine and Redwood. Some of our trolleys have accents of stainless steel offering a sleek contemporary look.

We build them to withstand daily use in demanding kitchens and dining areas. These buffet & hostess service trolleys are available in a range of sizes and capacities. You can be sure you’ll find the perfect trolley to suit your needs.

Where are your Trolleys Manufactured?

Ligneus is UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality hospitality and catering trolleys. We manufacture all trolleys right here in the UK in our workshops in the Cotswolds.

As the leading manufacturer of wooden trolleys in the catering trade we have an exemplary reputation. We maintain an extensive and comprehensive range of top-quality wooden trolleys manufactured in the UK.

Bespoke Trolley Designs

We can deliver our standard trolleys in record time. However as we manufacture all our trolleys we can quickly and easily tailor designs to suit your needs. Even with bespoke trolley designs lead times are short to meet high demands.

What is your Modular Sizing? What is B-Size?

All our modular units are designed around a standard size that we call B-size. The B-size is proportional & larger to gastronorm sizes eg B1/3 ∝ GN1/3. This sizing allows our system to seamlessly fit in with existing gastronorms.

This modularity also delivers an entire Modular Buffet System such that these executive hostess trolleys not only standalone but also part of a much bigger offering. This broadens their functionality dramatically.

What can Catering Trolleys be used for?

Our executive catering trolleys fulfil a plethora of functions. Our range includes executive wooden boardroom serving trolleys, hospitality trolleys to tea trolleys, cutlery trolleys and kitchen trolleys so can facilitate your business at all levels. These are the stylish cart horses of the hospitality industry. Here are just a few applications catering trolleys are used for:

  • Executive Service Trolley
  • Room Service Trolley
  • Buffet Service Trolley
  • Table Service Trolley
  • Kitchen Service Trolley
  • Hostess Service Trolley
  • Cutlery Service Trolley

With so many options you may want a little help from our Trolley Buying Guide