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Crate Shelving

Crates aren’t just for storage, they’re also excellent for shelving too. Our eclectic range of crate shelving is not only functional but also incredibly eye catching too. Read more about Crate Shelving below

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The Versatility of Crate Shelving

Tall, short, wide, narrow, crate shelving comes in a wide range of sizes. Our crate shelves are so versatile you can arrange them in a multitude of permutations to suit.

Wooden crate shelving is perfect for any shop, fair, show or exhibition display. They are even great for use at home as book shelves or storage.

Pallet Furniture

Often referred to as pallet shelving our pallet shelves create a rustic look and feel. They offer a warm and earthy feel to the presentation of merchandise. This can enhance the organic and ethical credentials of your product.

Bespoke Crate Shelving

Our wooden crates make stylish, durable and flexible retail display furniture. They can be branded with logos and bespoke graphics. They can also be customised in a range of colours and sizes. Essentially your crate shelving can be made to measure.