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Dump Bins

Dump Bins, or impulse bins as we often call them are a simple and effective way of increasing your average order value. Location and contents are the key to their success. Read more on how to use dump bins below

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Attractively Incentivising Dump Bins

Dump Bins Enhance Sales

Along with impulse buys, they can also be great for up-selling or cross selling related items. With careful consideration a dump bin can become an essential tool for retailers. They can really help increase both the average order value and the number of orders. With a wide selection of dimensions, finishes and branding available they can seamlessly fit in.

Location Location Location

As ever it’s all about positioning and it is worth experimenting. Try different positions over fixed periods and monitor results. Start by positioning them where the greatest footfall is in your premises – but of course don’t make them a hazard or inconvenience.

Locating a dump bin by tills or in waiting areas is a great way to increase impulse purchases. They’re often used to showcase lower value items so that customers need less budgetary consideration.

Placing retail dump bins in queuing areas with items they can’t resist can really boost sales.

You may be interested in our dump bin buyers guide here: Impulse Bin Buyers Guide.

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