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Bread Bins

Enjoy the freshest bread for sandwiches or that morning slice of toast. Ligneus rustic wooden bread bins make attractive additions to both rustic and contemporary kitchens. Read more on Bread Bins below

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Handcrafted Wooden Bread Bins

A wooden bread bin keeps your kitchen counter tidy. They’re multi-functional often used for biscuits and other snacks.

The ubiquitous (and Essential) bread bin

Bread bins are an essential of British kitchens. They are as ubiquitous as the kitchen kettle and just as useful. Today mass-produced bread has much longer shelf life with all its preservatives. It can, however, still benefit from the controlled climate of a bread bin. You may also be one of the growing number of households that enjoy baking your own. In which case a bread bin is absolutely essential in maintaining a cool environment out of the sunlight to extend the life of your bread.

So how does a bread bin work? How can it extend your bread’s shelf-life?

Do bread bins really work? A bread bin, also know as a bread box or bread crock, provides a more controlled climate. Bread is vulnerable to mould growth and also goes stale easily as the starches within it start degrading. By maintaining a cool and dry environment mould growth and degradation is slowed. Our solid wood bread bins also keep bread out of direct sunlight which can also shorten its shelf life.

It is also best to remove bread from packaging when in a bread bin or drawer as this can accumulate moisture. Wood is considered one of the more effective materials for a bread bin as it “breaths” and absorbs moisture. This helps maintain a more consistently dry environment.

Store bought or homemade?

A Ligneus Wooden Bread Bin works well with both. It can extend the life of store bought bread to about 5-7 days. As we know homemade bread can go off incredibly quickly but when enclosed in a bread box can last up to 4-5days

Pests, Bugs & Crumbs

Aside from extending the life of your bread a bread box can also help keep pest and bugs at bay whilst keeping your kitchen tidy. Keeping crumbs contained certainly helps with cleaning and also acts as a barrier to unwanted visitors.

Maintaining your bread bin

After emptying out the crumbs a simple wipe with a damp cloth will suffice in cleaning your bread bin. Do make sure any moisture has dried before using again. If you have had a loaf go mouldy it is important to remove any residual spores. In this case a more firm scrub should do it although you shouldn’t use too much water.

What is a bread bin used for? Other uses for a bread bin!

Literally thinking outside the box our bread bins are great for biscuits and other snacks. They have even been used as that “odd drawer” for random bits n pieces in the kitchen.

Choosing your bread Bin. What is the best bread bin?

First you need to determine size for both the typical loaf in your household or restaurant and the counter top space available. We also offer multiple drawer options & handles and bread bins with acrylic panels for easy display. Then it comes down to your style and preference where we have everything from rustic to stylish oak. Our rustic wooden designs are retro-inspired. Our classic oak bins have a sleek contemporary look. They can complement both country rural and city living environments.

We design our wooden bread boxes to be a feature as well as a practical addition. They will enhance the environment they’re placed in.

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