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Hospitality & Catering Equipment

Ligneus is the leading manufacturer of sustainable wooden hospitality & catering equipment in the UK.

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UK Manufactured Hospitality & Catering Equipment Solutions

With our state of the art facilities we can deliver everything hotels, bars, restaurants and other venues need to ensure great customer satisfaction. From restaurant and bar services to buffet presentation and venue marketing we manufacture solutions.

Sustainably Beautiful Designs. We manufacture all our catering products from sustainably sourced timber. Our wooden products are beautifully designed and crafted. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing environment. They are perfect for both front & back of house as.

We focus on designing and manufacturing professional hospitality, kitchen and restaurant equipment. We provide innovative wooden catering products, enhancing your business whilst reducing your environmental impact.

What is the meaning of Hospitality & Catering and is there a difference?

Hospitality encompasses all aspects of the hotel and catering industry. It essentially means the friendly and generous treatment of guests and strangers.

Catering refers to offering facilities to those people. It is more often than not associated with the provision of food.

Where ever people may congregate there is likely to be a need for some sort of hospitality provision or catering.

What is the range of wooden hospitality & catering equipment?

Of course we’re going to say that the versatility of wood offers us endless possibilities. We would also say that the natural characteristics of wood make it ideal for hospitality & catering. Whether it is the natural antibacterial properties that offer Boards & Paddles additional hygiene or the elegance of oak enhancing the look of a beautiful Buffet Display, wood can offer so much more.

…but what is wrong with plastic equipment anyway?

Plastic has been a standard component within the hospitality & catering sector for some years now..

The continued bad press on the use of plastic and concerns about our fragile ecosystem are causing all sectors to take stock. Ligneus believes that beautiful, timeless products can be unique, tailored and not cost the Earth.

Wood offers a much more healthy approach to both your immediate wider environments.

Hospitality & Catering Equipment Supplies