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Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

If the kitchen is the core of the house then Kitchen Tables are its heart. If you’re looking for a statement piece to place in your living space then our farmhouse tables are perfect. Learn more about our Farmhouse Tables below

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rustic farmhouse table undersideBeautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Tables in a Traditional Style

A kitchen table observes all! It experiences all! From the delight of a young couple moving into their first home to the excitement of a growing family. It is the solid foundation for all those first paintings, for those messy breakfasts and for those late night snacks. They can be formal or casual. They can be robust or subtle.

Our farmhouse kitchen tables are made by us right here in the stunning Cotswolds. Influenced by our gorgeous countryside we design & hand make our farmhouse tables from solid sustainable Redwood. They are incredibly strong and built to last a lifetime.

The sustainable Redwood has gorgeous weathered tones and texture. This gives it the classic rustic farmhouse homely style.

How long will a farmhouse table last?

Our farmhouse tables are built to last a lifetime. In our Cotswold Workshops, where we are surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside, we combine great designs and artisans. This combination produces classic pieces to stand the test of time even with the everyday bustle of family life.

What are farmhouse tables made of?

Our Farmhouse tables are made from the finest sustainable FSC Redwood. We put a great deal of emphasis on our ecological credentials so can you can be assure of yours. You can read our sustainability statement here.

What exactly is the Farmhouse Table Style?

Our work is inspired by the countryside that surrounds us. Cotswold craftsmen have a unique ability to produce beautiful and contemporary pieces. all along the farmhouse style has its footing in the imperfections of the wood. A weathered finish offers each table a unique character and a perfectly imperfectly endearing quality. The chunky design and warmth of the wood provides a homely dependable feel.

Often referred to as shabby chic farmhouse they sit just as comfortably in a contemporary urban setting as they do in a classic farmhouse kitchen.

Are Farmhouse Tables really still in style?

Of course the short answer is yes, but don’t take our word for it we take our lead from our customers. It should not be surprising really. Centuries old styles that have already stood the test of time prove just as popular today as they were 100s of years ago.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Tables