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Table Caddies

Table caddies come in all shapes and sizes and bring order to your tables. A wooden table caddy can hold a multitude of different items from champagne & wine to condiments & cutlery. Read more on table caddies below

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Attractive Wooden Table Caddies

Our range of bar, cafe or restaurant service caddies has something for everyone.

So what exactly is a table caddy and what is it used for?

A table caddy, also known as as a table tidy, can organise all the clutter on a table in to a more aesthetic display. We define our table caddies as a table tidy or holder that has an ergonomic handle or hand hold. This hand hold makes it extremely easy to move from A to B.

A tabletop caddy can help speed up customer service and enhance customer experience. An orderly table will raise customer perception and enable efficient table service. They improve presentation which, of course, helps with those very important first impressions.

What does a caddy hold?

Pretty much whatever you want. Typically a cafe or restaurant caddy is used to carry cutlery and condiments but a bar caddy, or bar tidy, can be used to carry beer and wine.

How do I choose my table caddy?

As there are so many variations of table caddies one can be forgiven for getting a little confused. You may find our Table Caddy Buying Guide very useful.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for do let us know. We love to design new caddies to specific requirements.

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