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Pop Up Bars

Our premium mobile pop up bars are designed with quality in mind. They are built to last and would grace any occasion from weddings and parties to formal dining and business functions. Learn more about mobile bars below

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Premium Mobile Pop Up Bars

Our Mobile pop up bars are manufactured from sustainable, quality materials. These portable bars are perfect for both a commercial or domestic use.

The Rising Popularity of Pop-Up Bars

As guests search for that spontaneous experience, caterers and event planners aim to keep costs low. This balance has lead to the rise of pop-up bars and parties but maintaining the focus on an unforgettable experience.

Used by professional bartenders and party organisers a mobile or pop up bar is simply the best solution for a party on location. These are a very quick way to serve drinks and cocktails with ease.

What type of mobile bars are there?

We offer a selection of portable bars, depending on your needs. All our bars are portable to be quickly and easily moved. Some Pop up bars are also foldable so they can be effortlessly stowed away to save space.

The on-site pop-up bar

The on-site pop-up bar at your current establishment is more than just a novelty or a “nice-to-have.” It can actually help to deliver real business value. Our pop-up bars have been used to promote special events and occasions. Set up in minutes they ensure customers are not kept waiting. They reduce the pressure on existing bars, increase delivery and enhance customer service. A win-win for both your business/party and guests.

The best part is you can take portable bars to the party, wherever it may be. Whether a festival in a field, a wedding in the mountains, corporate event on-site, these bars have you covered.

So where will your next party be?

Multi venue multifunction pop up bars

These mobile pop-up bars can be set up in a variety of places. The “summer pop-up” is especially popular as you can imagine. From the garden to court yard, indoors to outdoors mobile bars really are versatile.

Used commercially at festivals, fairs and markets they accommodate a vast range of venues. These include hotels, conference centres, event companies, theatres, sports venues, student unions & exhibitions. In fact, any indoor or outdoor space that would benefit from having a bar on a temporary basis.

Or perhaps just for fun at a birthday party, barbeque or local community event….all is improved with a pop-up bar.

Professional Service in an instant

Portable bars are spontaneous and fun. However that doesn’t mean they can’t be consummately professional. Behind any fun event is meticulous planning that guests may not realise. The pop-up bar combines spontaneity with professional service. This is ideal for corporate events, weddings and high profile parties.

A popup bar is transportable equipment that offers bartenders instant amenities they need. The bar and party may be here today and gone tomorrow however party-goers will know they’ve had a memorable experience.

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