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Pikler Inspired

Ligneus PLAY offers a classic Pikler inspired climbing triangle and accessories. Independently Tested to BS EN71. Read more about the world of Pikler below

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Pikler Inspired Triangle Range

Independently Tested & Approved EN71 UK Toy SafetyOur range is designed and manufactured in the Cotswolds UK from sustainable timber. This means you can be confident of both its ecological and educational credentials.

This Pikler influenced climber’s primary function is to facilitate climbing and develop fine motor skills. Promoting physical development in young children is as important as ever in this day and age however the Ligneus Pikler range is so much more.

This Ligneus Range features a magnificently straightforward yet ingenious design. Available in sets or individually all component parts work seamlessly together.

What is Pikler? What is a Pikler Triangle?

Emmi Pikler was a paediatrician and child educator. She was born in 1902 and spent her early childhood in Vienna.

Pikler studied Medicine in Vienna, and received her medical degree in 1927. Her paediatric training was at the Vienna University Children’s Hospital.

Emmi and her husband decided together with the birth of their first child to allow the child freedom of movement. That they should await her development patiently. The goal being that of promoting her healthy development. Emmi Pikler saw the importance of healthy attachments for the overall well-being of the child. This would be an integrated and comprehensive approach to physical and emotional development.

The Pikler triangle and its range form the physical component to a child’s education. They stimulate movement and encourage games and role play leading to happy children.

What Age is a Pikler Triangle for?

In the normal course of events the Pikler triangle and range can be used for children as young as 6 months to approx. 4-5 years old. However the Ligneus PLAY designs have extended this range from birth to 99yrs plus.

Pikler desk extender for home working and day care

Pikler desk extender for home working & day care

From Birth to 99yrs? Really?

Yes! The wooden rungs can even be used to attach play bar accessories for sensory development. Essentially it is an all-in-one sensory and motor development ‘toy’ from 0-5 years.

The Junior size options allow for older children to use it and  the desk extenders can create a working desk. It will support a monitor, keyboard, printer and more.

Pikler Inspired Assembly Guides

Pikler Climbing Triangles:

Download the Nursery Climbing triangle Assembly Guide here

Download the Junior Climbing triangle Assembly Guide here

Climbing Arches:

Download the Nursery Climbing Arch Assembly Guide here

Download the Nursery 4-in-1 Arch Assembly Guide here

Download the Junior Climbing Arch Assembly Guide here

  • Pikler ladders

Download the Nursery Ladder Assembly Guide here

Download the Junior Ladder Assembly Guide here

Ligneus Pikler Triangle Range UK