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Wooden Tables

The Ligneus range of Rustic Wooden Tables are a class unto themselves. From coffee tables to a centre piece of a dinner party our tables are ultimately desirable. learn more about the different styles of our solid wood tables below

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Rustic Wooden Tables

We design our solid wood tables for functionality and sociability and to suit all tastes and styles. We focus on classic designs that will stand the test of time and fit in with your own style.

Our sustainable timber tables come with standard sizes but if these are not suitable please call us for bespoke sizing requirements.

What are your different table styles?

We have several classic wooden table styles:

Farmhouse Table

The farmhouse dining table style is very comfortable and homey one. They’re a great pick for families as they endlessly improve with age and the wear and tear of family life. Learn more about our farmhouse kitchen tables here

Rustic Dining Table

In a similar style to the farmhouse table this style table introduces a row of gastronorms down the centre for the ultimate social entertaining table

Pumphouse Table

Identical in design to the farmhouse table this table is narrower in design (one sleeper narrower to be precise). This brings people closer together for a more intimate environment. Perfect where space is more of a premium.

The Broadway Table

This is the ultimate in extravagant dining. This 9ft solid oak table (and over 3ft wide) can cater for the most popular dinner parties. If you have the space then the Broadway can fill it.

Are your wooden tables sustainable?

Yes they are! We put a great deal of emphasis on our ecological credentials and all our solid wood tables are manufactured from FSC timber. You can read our sustainability statement here

Are your solid wood tables heavy?

Yes they are! All our tables are manufactured from solid wood with an eye on a robust design to last a lifetime (they’ve also been known to support to support the odd reveller on occasion). We recommend at least 2 people to move them around.

Wooden tables