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Pallet Risers

Mini or miniature wooden Pallet Risers can certainly add a touch of colour and fun to any display. Read more about these fun contemporary risers below

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Fun & Quirky Pallet Risers

Pallet Risers are incredibly practical with low height to base ratio. This means they are very stable and so can be easily stacked.

How Best to use Miniature Wooden Display Pallets

Stacked Mini Pallet RisersMiniature pallet risers work perfectly in a food environment. You can build your own “set” design for great eye catching displays. They can be stacked to created “layered” sets and also the different sizes provide many options for stacking these quirky risers.

By creating different levels of height you can increase the prominence and effectiveness of your displays.

Pallet Riser with Muffins and BrowniesFood Safe Pallets

We manufacture our pallet risers out of FSC Redwood and use food grade finishes so you can be certain of their environmental and healthy credentials

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