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Colour Burst Crates

We take Crates to the next level with the famous Two Tone Ligneus Colour Burst Crates. They are ideal for the most splendid of displays.

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Ligneus Colour Burst Crates ™ | Exploding with Colour

With a selection of sizes and a wide range of colours, crate displays are now totally transformed with these two tone multi coloured crates.

So what exactly is a Colour Burst Crate?

A Colour Burst™ crate, or two tone crate, has a rustic brown finish on the outside with a choice of vibrant colour literally bursting out on the inside.

Ligneus was the original manufacturers of the two tone Colour Burst crate and developed the technique that would create these beautiful pieces.

The two tone crates, or multi coloured colour crates have become incredibly popular. They form an integral part of our Painted Crates range.

Can you do any colour in your two tone crates?

In short yes. The crates we display are our standard colours however if you can’t find a colour to suit then do get in contact as we can colour match.

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