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Blog on Wood

The Ligneus blog on wood

From useful information to happy customers and new products we hope to offer you all sorts of interesting articles here on our “blog on wood”. We get excited about what we do and like to pass it on.

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10 Brilliant Ideas for Using Wooden Crates

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We’ve put together a list of 10 brilliant ideas for using our wooden crates. Not only do our wooden crates look great, but they can be super practical too. Whether you’re upcycling or using them as they are there is nothing more exciting than a DIY project. Whether it a bedside table or a garden wall stacked full of plants our incredible crates can be turned into masterpieces.… Read More

4 Great Ideas for Maximising Your Space

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These days space is becoming such a premium. Whether it is in a commercial or domestic premises. Commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars and hotels need to balance maximising use of space with a relaxing ambiance. A domestic need could be either maximising the space of a studio flat or making the most out of each room in your house.… Read More

What is Impulse Buying and How Can it be Positive for Both Customers and Businesses?

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Firstly What is Impulse Buying? Impulsive buying is the propensity of consumers to buy goods without planning. It is subtly different from compulsive buying. Compulsive buying often has negative connotations with unnecessary purchases. Impulse buying should be a very positive experience for the customer when encouraged in the right way.… Read More

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