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Sit Stand Desk at home

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….So what is a Sit Stand Desk Exactly?

Sit Stand Desks are known by many names: standing desks, adjustable desk, desk converters to name but a few. They can take on many different forms and we often hear people ask what is a sit stand desk? Essentially it is an adjustable desk that allows people to use whilst standing or sitting. It offers them the flexibility to stand up whilst working or adjust to the perfect setting for a healthy sitting posture. The versatility of it allows it to be used for multiple functions from work to play and even as a display stand.

See our Sit Stand Compact Quick Desk Here

What are the Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk?


Standing is beneficial for your health. A standing desk encourages you to do just that – stand more. Plenty of studies show that standing for part of your day as opposed to be sitting for too long is actively good for your health. Standing increases your metabolic rate and so burns more calories helping you to maintain a healthy weight. The option to sit or stand means of course you can do both. The adjustable nature of the sit stand desk ensures you can create the most comfortable posture when you are seated. Reducing any shoulder, neck and back pain is always going to make you happier – which is great for energy levels.

Productivity & Focus

Not only does the sit stand desk benefit your health but of course a healthier lifestyle promotes a healthier headspace. With a more comfortable arrangement you can focus on your work more without the distractions of aches and pains.

Flexible Workspace

Our sit stand desk is quick and easy to set up and take down, under a minute. This means that offices and meeting rooms can be far more flexible allowing workers to create a workspace one minute and a meeting room the next.

Aimee at work at the compact Quick DeskWorking from Home

The portable nature and ease of stowing makes these great working from home desks too. You can quickly and easily turn your dining table, coffee table or even your floor into a workspace.


You can make full use of the adjustable desk even when not working. Watching TV from the comfort of your sofa or even in the bedroom and position just so for maximum comfort. They’re also great as plant stands too.

Easily Stowed Away

We refer to our desk as the Ligneus Compact Quick desk because it quick and easy to both assemble and disassemble in under a minute and compacts down for space saving storage. See our Sit Stand Compact Quick Desk Here

How long should you stand at your Standing desk?

There isn’t any hard and fast prescription for this other than to simply stand more. It is generally accepted that you should spend at least 15minutes in the hour standing but the longer the better for the health benefits. We don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to be standing even more. Basically you should listen to your body and do what feels most comfortable. Just the act of transitioning from sitting to standing is good for you.

How easy is it to assemble the Compact Desk?

It couldn’t be simpler as this short video will demonstrate:

Where should you position your Desk?

As you can see from the video it comfortably sits on the floor however it is comes into its own when sat on a table or desk. In this way it becomes a great standing desk but also allows you to sit at the desk or table and adjust to your exact requirements.

See our Sit Stand Compact Quick Desk Here