ligneus colours & swatches

Ligneus Colours and Swatches

We've developed our own unique Ligneus colours which we feel enhance our products. All our colours can be seen in the Swatches Below:

  • The Cotswold Collection
  • Ligneus Basics

We are not limited to these colours and can work with clients to help match their particular colour scheme.

Please note that these colours are our best representation and that different screens may present them differently. Furthermore the organic nature of the material we work with may also cause slight discrepancies in final the finish. Enjoy!

Ligneus full Swatch

Ligneus Wood Stains

Wood stain finishes

Ligneus Oak Finishes

Oak Finishes

It's all about the wood!

Ligneus is all about wood and consequently we put a lot of effort into fine tuning our finishes. We want to ensure our great designs are complemented by a great look.

If you don't find a colour or finish quite to your liking please do get in contact and we can work with you to get it just right.

Cushion Seats

Our crates are incredibly versatile from storage to display they provide a wide range of solutions.

Now, in partnership with the talented Lisa Roselli from Butterfly Crafts, our crates have now become seats.

You can build your own seat through the cushion seat crates and the cushion crate lids.

Cushion Fabric Swatches

Animals & Bugs

cool cats
Cool Cats
duck egg scottie
Duck Egg Scottie
duck egg sheep
Duck Egg Sheep
grey scandi bird
Grey Scandi Bird
Pastel Bugs
Pastel Bugs
standing stag
Standing Stag
yellow sausage dog
Yellow Sausage Dog


duck egg trees
Duck Egg Trees
orange scandi flower
Orange Scandi Flower
red dandelion
Red Dandelion
yellow scandi flower
Yelllow Scandi Flower

Fun & Funky

blue beach hut
Blue Beach Hut
coral funky stripe
Coral Funky Stripe
spot orange
Orange Spot
spot yellow
Yellow Spot


central london
Central London
duck egg mixed up map
Duck Egg Mixed Up World
gloucestershire towns fabric
Gloucestershire Towns
taupe mixed up map
Taupe Mixed Up World