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Cup Dispensers

These rustic wooden Cup and Lid Dispensers have a sustainable and robust design enhancing your business and serving your customers. Read more on Cup Dispensers below

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Rustic Wooden Cup Dispensers

What do Cup and Lid Dispensers have to Offer?

Almost all coffee shops, fast food, and take-out restaurants or buffet style cafeterias need to offer cups to its customers. In a busy environment a self service option of cup dispensers offers the most efficient dispensing method. A cup dispenser or holder provides this for you and your customers.

It’s not just front of house applications, a busy back of house environment can benefit too. A cup dispenser cuts down on wasted storage space for more efficient operations.

In an office environment these cup holder units can also help to maintain a tidy environment. Place them strategically next to the water cooler or coffee machine to maximise use.

Its not just about function

In a front of house counter area, especially in a more upmarket environment, design is crucial. We design all our cup dispensers to look just right for their environment. This covers convenience and quick service to more leisurely and comfortable environments. From great value ply to more traditional oak we have it covered.

So how do I choose a cup & lid dispenser?

Choosing a cup & lid dispenser is pretty straight forward. After you’ve decided on your styling simply measure your cup and lid diameters. Then select the corresponding maximum and minimum diameters in the filters and make your selection.

If you don’t find an option that works for you do get in contact as we love working on new designs

Wooden Cup and Lid Holders