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Physical Development

Physical development is one of the seven areas of EYFS. As the title suggests it’s all about how babies and young children gain control of their bodies. It is used to develop a child’s movement, handling of objects and understanding of their own body. Learn more about Early Years Physical Development Below

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Early Years Physical Development

How does Physical Development help with Children’s Education

Physical development is a core fundamental in a child’s educational journey. It helps them learn about themselves and keeping active and healthy. Children do this in a range of ways including:

  1. Evolving spacial awareness when moving
  2. Developing co-ordination of small and large movements
  3. Learning to use tools and equipment effectively
  4. Communicating when they do or don’t need help
  5. Learning how to show their feelings
  6. Understanding that some behaviour is unacceptable
  7. Playing co-operatively and forming positive relationships

Early Years Physical Development