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10 brilliant ideas for crates

Read How to Maximise our Crates with 10 Brilliant Ideas

We’ve put together a list of 10 brilliant ideas for using our wooden crates. Not only do our wooden crates look great, but they can be super practical too. Whether you’re upcycling or using them as they are there is nothing more exciting than a DIY project. Whether it a bedside table or a garden wall stacked full of plants our incredible crates can be turned into masterpieces.

Here are our 10 ingenius crate ideas:

1. Bedside Table

This can simply be a case of turning one upside down or as involved as our drop front stacker crates with lids. Either way our wooden crates stack up well by the bedside with plenty of storage above and inside.

2. Welly Crate

It doesn’t take much to simply use them as container for those muddy wellies after a good old stomp

3. Coffee Table

Again this can be as simple as an upturned crate or, with a little DIY you can screw a number together for an attractive central feature. Again there is ample storage for magazines and the like.

4. Cushion Crate

Make a snuggle box at the end of the sofa or bed to stash all your cosy blankets and cushions. Everything you need within arms reach.

5. Log Basket Crate

One of their more popular uses in keeping with the look and feel of the fireside. Our sturdy crates are strong enough for the heaviest loads.
crate coffee table

6. Classic Crate Shelving

Whether you’re putting books on show or creating cubby holes for nik naks and plants, our crates can be incredibly decorative. They can be a real feature in your home.

7. A Beautiful Garden Wall Divide

Not too dissimilar to the classic shelving use. Position these outside and create a cosy enclave around your patio or a snug firepit. Place plants and tealights within and the scene is set.

8. A Dog Basket or Dog Crate for your best friend

Place in a comfy cushion and all of a sudden your crate has become home to your best friend. Choose your (or your pet’s) favourite colour.

9. Laundry crate

They make unique laundry baskets. You could even go as far as to name each one. How much easier could it be for the kids to simply pop their dirty clothes into their very own laundry crate.
dog bed crate

10. Kitchen Veg store

Our drop front crates are ideal for holding your veg. The slats in the crates allow for air circulation to help keep the veg fresh. Put them on wheels and you can maneuver your vegetables around the kitchen with ease.