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Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitisers

Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitisers have no rivals

Nilaqua Alcohol Free Sanitisers are rapidly being recognised as the leading sanitisers on the market. Nilaqua has many leading characteristics that put it way ahead of alcohol based alternatives or other pretenders to market. Many are not aware of the huge differences between alcohol and alcohol free sanitisers. In brief alcohol free sanitisers kill more resilient germs to a higher log reduction. Drop for drop you use a lot less with alcohol free sanitisers therefore they are more cost effective.

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[ps2id id=”alcohol” target=”/]Alcohol and Paraben FREE

Alcohol Free

One of main factors setting it aside from the vast majority of the market – Nilaqua is water based. This has many implications from health and safety to religion. It is non flammable and doesn’t aggravate cuts and grazes – great in a physical working environment. Where there are religious concerns over alcohol Nilaqua of course isn’t – for example it is Halal compliant Nilaqua Combats COVID 19

[ps2id id=”covid19″ target=”/]Effective on ALL Coronoviruses including COVID-19

Another misconception has been that alcohol is a necessary ingredient for the battle against COVID-19. This is most definitely not the case as Nilaqua is most effective against COVID-19 and all coronoviruses as the Nilaqua Vaccinia Test Report concludes.

[ps2id id=”bacteria” target=”/]Kills 99.999% of Germs and Bacteria

The list includes but is not limited to: Ecoli; C-Diff; Salmonella; MRSA; Legionella; Listeria; NDM1 viruses and fungi; Norovirus

Effective in 30 Seconds[ps2id id=”rapid” target=”/]It’s all about a rapid response

Timing is everything! Many sanitisers claim they are effective within 5 minutes – a lot can happen in that time! Nilaqua is tested to be effective within 60seconds. The faster the response rate the slower the spread #stopthespread

[ps2id id=”protection” target=”/]Protection not just Sanitation

Another major differential is that unlike alcohol based sanitisers that simply sanitise on use Nilaqua offers ongoing protection. Its hand sanitiser offers up to 6hour protection and the surface pray can protect surfaces up to 30days. Protection is as much the key as the initial sanitation in stopping the spread.

Alcohol Free Kills Germs AND Protects

Alcohol Free Kills Germs AND Protects

NHS Prefered Sanitiser[ps2id id=”NHS” target=”/]Used daily in the NHS

So much so it is used daily in the NHS! Amongst other uses it enables nurses to wash immobile patients effectively without water or rinsing. This helps to alleviate time pressures by cutting patient bathing times in HALF. Nilaqua’s unique MRSA killing Skin Cleanser is fully tested complying with biodicdal regulations. It is the perfect solution to pre-op washing. Its rapid response (see above) makes it more so when emergencies arrive. If you are post surgery and your immunity is very low Nilaqua can help prevent infections. It is EN1500 and EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Anex A Approved

[ps2id id=”sensitivity” target=”/]Skin Sensitivities

Obviously Nilaqua alcohol free sanitisers have an edge on sensitivities without the complications of such an aggravating ingredient. Nilaqua, however, have gone one step further in focusing on skin sensitivities and the skin sensitivity report for Nilaqua demonstrates just how kind to the skin it is.

Vegan & Cruelty Free[ps2id id=”vegan” target=”/]Ethical & Ecological Credentials

In this day and age we must have as much focus on our ethical and ecological credentials as we have ever done. One reason why Ligneus has embraced Nilaqua has been as much their integrity as it has been their effectiveness. Their product being vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly are two key factors driving their product.

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