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4 great ideas for maximising your space

Maximising Your Space when it is at a premium

Commercial or domestic: These days space is becoming such a premium. Whether it is in a commercial or domestic premises. Commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars and hotels need to balance maximising use of space with a relaxing ambiance. A domestic need could be either maximising the space of a studio flat or making the most out of each room in your house. In all cases there are many options available to suit your needs.

Here are our top 4 space saving ideas:

1. Room Screens

Room Screen

Intimate & private: Room screens can work just as well in a restaurant as they can in a studio apartment. The application of these screens in a restaurant can help create a more intimate & private surrounding even when you are filling your premises to capacity.

Segregation: They are also ideal for segregating a studio and creating that feeling of a room within a room. Separating your dining area from your sleeping area, for example, will help you transition from one functional area to another, from social dining to catching your beauty sleep.

Covid safe: it goes without saying that over this last year these screens have been invaluable in helping us return to and maintain some sort of semblance to normality.

2. Queue Dividers & Impulse Bins

Leading by the hand: These are directed more toward retail and other commercial uses. Queue dividers and impulse bins are somewhat self explanatory in their function but are often overlooked as an excellent way to efficiently control your space. Where there are heavy footfalls in relatively small spaces, carefully positioned queue dividers & impulse bins can “lead customers by the hand” and ensure a smooth running operation.

Catering Burford Natural Oak Drop Leaf Hospitality Trolley 805-1460x558x855 flaps down

3. Trolleys

Organic & multifunctional: You don’t need a separate room for your kitchen to create a separated kitchen. The use of a trolley can do just that. You can divide an area organically and add valuable counter and storage space at the same time. You can then easily transport from kitchen area to dining area.

Our trolleys could also be known as bar carts and are space saving devices in everysense. From a single piece of equipment with a wide range of functions it can easily be manoeuvered out of the way if not in use.

4. Crate Walls

Division & storage: One of the more popular space saving solutions as not only can they be used to partition rooms and large spaces they also offer great additional storage. We have a great range of premade crate walls but you can just as easily build them yourself in the layout that suits you best. Crates really are brilliantly versatile.

Long Rustic Brown Crate Wall