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Impulse Buying Positives for both customer and retailer

So How is Impulse Buying Positive for the Customer?

….Plus 5 Helpful Tips

(We know it benefits retailers)

Firstly What is Impulse Buying? Impulsive buying is the propensity of consumers to buy goods without planning. It is subtly different from compulsive buying. Compulsive buying often has negative connotations with unnecessary purchases. Impulse buying should be a very positive experience for the customer when encouraged in the right way.

Although impulse purchases can be considered unplanned, not all impromptu purchases are unnecessary. Unplanned purchases can happen simply because the consumer does need the product but had not considered it previously.

If a customer feels they’ve had a great shopping experience satisfied that your establishment has served them well they will no doubt return.

How Can Your Products Facilitate Impulse Buying?

Impulse purchases arise from sensory experiences. For once this benefits physical stores more then online as the internet does not have this capacity. This would include store layout, product display, colours used, general atmosphere and so on. Our incredibly broad and versatile range of merchandising display stands can help to stimulate these senses.

5 Helpful Tips Retailers can use to Encourage Impulse Buying


Queue dividers in GreenLife totnes


1. Lead your customers around your store

You really need to lead your customers “by the hand” around your store. If you can do this successfully you will be in complete control of the subtle mix of product selection and placement. You can lead customers right passed your popular sought-after items. You can plan where they may linger more and consequently have a better understanding where to place your impulse merchandise.

All our display stands can be used in this effect however our Queue Dividers are particularly good at directing customers. Placing Dump Bins in the centre of aisles and high traffic areas are also incredibly useful at directing customers.

 2. Use your High Demand Products to your Advantage

Impulse purchases have traditionally been at the checkout counter and this still proves to be one of the most popular locations. However another device is to use your popular sought-after or high demand items. This is known as cross merchandising and is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of increasing your impulse purchases. By subtly placing lower priced and complementary items around them you can take advantage of the customers buying frame of mind.

This has a great effect on customer experience it can remind them of what they had forgotten or introduce them to something new and relevant.

Extract Coffee Roasters Impulse Bin

3. Draw Attention

It seems obvious but often overlooked, if your customers simply don’t catch sight of your merchandise they’re never going to know that they need them. Ingenious display designs, colours and signage are but a few ways that our products can help draw attention….. and if you’re after something truly unique then our full bespoke and Design service is what you need.

4. It’s all about the Message

Yes we’ve mentioned signage already above however the messaging on that signage is incredibly important. Whether you’re appealing to a customers wallet with “SALE NOW ON” or a sense of urgency “End of line when they’re gone they’re gone!” you need to create that sense of “Got to have it now!”

Most of our displays can be adapted with signage and with our full print facilities we can create the most professional eye catching signs.

5. Price well at Point of Sale

When your customers eventually reach checkout they will hopefully have had a great experience around your store. This is not to say that they’re ready to spend even more without further consideration. By placing lower priced items at the point of sale you increase purchase values without too much deliberation.