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Ligneus Made in the UK


Ligneus Made in the UK
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Hands Free Dispenser Stands

Hands free sanitisers offer an increase level of protection to help lower transmission rates. Click here for more information on Hands Free Sanitisers

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Beautiful & Sustainable Hands Free Dispenser Stands

Our hands free dispensers all come with a FREE 500ml bottle or 5litre container of Nilaqua

Surely hands free sanitisers are unnecessary?

It might seem that the hands free functionality is a little redundant – after all you are sanitising your hands right? Well actually all sanitisers take a little time to act. Nilaqua is one of the faster acting sanitisers on the market. It is being tested on its effectiveness between 30seconds and a minute.

In a heavy footfall area the additional level of protection removing the need for using ones hands to activate the dispenser simply helps to reduce transmission rates further.

So how do hands free sanitisers work?

The Ligneus touch free stands are very straight forward. Many solutions require batteries or some other power supply to operate electrical dispensers. These can often become faulty with heavy use. Ours are a very simple foot operated mechanism. It doesn’t need batteries and will work anywhere.

What are the benefits of a Ligneus hands free sanitiser?

Hands free, no touch, contactless, touchless dispensers are but a few terms used to describe these stands but they all offer the same benefits:

  • Hands free – increased hygiene levels reduces transmission rates
  • No batteries required – use anywhere and doesn’t run out of power
  • FREE 500ml/5litre Nilaqua Sanitiser – help you get started
  • Sustainable materials – ensure your hygiene policies work hand in hand with your environmental policies


hands free dispenser stands

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