Ligneus Cube 360x360x360

Ligneus artisans have created this versatile, lustrous Ligneus wooden cube table. The Ligneus Cube 360x360x360 satisfies the need for surface space beside a bed, chair, or couch and can even be used as a stool. You can group them together to build larger tables and shapes. You can add cushions as you see fit.

The Ligneus Cube is a solid decorative piece constructed with 5 layers that will immediately catch the eye in your living room, bedroom or study. We handcraft the wooden cube from kiln dried redwood and construct it with a chequered effect. This offers an inimitable, joyful and inviting character. As the Ligneus cube is a solid and very heavy creation you may wish to add a set of 4 casters to it for ease of moving and to create a floating effect.

The Ligneus Cube is available in four further sizes:


Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions360 x 360 x 360 mm







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