Rustic M*A*S*H Crate 500x370x250

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The Rustic M*A*S*H Crate is great for all your army surplus or just a general store or shed tidy.

Increased stability (recommended for stacking 3+)

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Rustic M*A*S*H Crate 500x370x250

The Rustic M*A*S*H Crate 500x370x250 is derived from our rustic brown crate.

The other size is :

Rustic M*A*S*H Stacker Crate

Our standard 500mm Rustic M*A*S*H Crate, like all our crates, is stackable. We do, however, offer an interlocking option for a more supported stack. If you are regularly stacking your crates 3+ high then we would certainly recommend this option. You can also add a set of 4 casters to make any 500mm M*A*S*H crate or 500mm M*A*S*H stacker crate mobile.

We have a range of labelled/ stencilled crates however if you cannot find one that suits your need you can have one personalised just for you with our Rustic Bespoke Stencil Crate.

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Dimensions500 × 370 × 260 mm



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