Rustic GN 1/1 Gastronorm Shallow Crate 525x325x165

£26.00 Excl. VAT

  • Rustic finish – a classic look
  • Part of a modular system – can build around your requirements

Increased stability (recommended for stacking 3+)

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Rustic GN 1/1 Gastronorm Shallow Crate 525x325x165

This Rustic GN 1/1 Gastronorm Shallow Crate 525x325x165 is built for the catering industry. The dimensions allow for a GN 1/1 Gastronorm to sit within it. It can also accommodate GN 1/3 and GN 2/3 sizes – see arrangements in images.

Please note gastronorms are not included

The Rustic Gastronorm Shallow Crate stands 165mm high. The gastronorm crate is also available in the 250mm high Rustic Gastronorm Crate. Both these sizes are available with blackboards:

Stacking Gastronorm Crates

Our Rustic Gastronorm Crate is not only designed to sit on a counter top/ worktop but also to stack – as in the Rustic Brown Crate Gastronorm Trolley. If your are looking to customise or build your own trolley or simply stack them higher on your counter then the interlocking stacking option is required.

Modular Gastronorm Crate system

The Rustic Gastronorm Crate is part of the Modular Rustic Gastronorm Crate system allowing you to build and tailor to your specific requirements. Other components within the system are:


Additional information

Dimensions525 × 325 × 165 mm
Gastronorm Size

GN 1/1




Rustic Brown (RB)


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