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Kids Corner

Beautiful Wooden Toys

Wooden toys and activities for Kids in our Kids Corner

Our Kids’ Corner will bring a touch of tradition to your child’s nursery or play room with beautiful wooden toys and activities. Fuel their imagination and encourage their development with games and activities to last a lifetime.

We manufacture our products from sustainable timber. They are robustly built to last providing hours of fun and a lifetime of cherished memories.

Our marvellous range of wood toys for kids will take you back in time. They will spark your own cherished childhood memories.

Read more about our wooden toys and activities below

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Why choose Ligneus for Wooden Toys?

Our aim at Ligneus is to build toys and activities that our team would have loved when they were children.

Our friendly and highly skilled team don't just build the toys but thoughtfully develop them beyond the norm. A classic wooden toy from Ligneus is not just a great learning activity but a wonderful timeless gift.

Why wooden toys are the best

Wooden toys have stood the test of time. They're as popular now as they've ever been. Wood offers a natural look and feel which allow for more instinctive play and help kids explore natural textures.

Wood is often far more long-lasting than plastic alternatives and what's more will not add to the growing mountain of plastic pollution everywhere.

Wood looks better – when children take over your home at least their playthings are pleasing on the eye.!

Play and education are one and the same

Encouraging play and physical activity helps to develop fine motor skills and broader physical development. Children playing together encourages roll play and cooperation – skills that will serve them well as they grow.

Are wooden toys hygienic?

In short Yes! Wood is safe and natural. We finish our products in food/pharmaceutical safe water based  lacquer, which not only offers an additional layer of protection but also allows them to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Wood also has natural antibacterial qualities so is effected less by germs than plastic alternatives are.