Hospitality Trolley System

The Ligneus Hospitality Trolley is designed for robust everyday use but with the design for high end corporate hospitality and catering. As such it would be a shame to have such a design let down by the addition of sub standard presentation. To overcome this Ligneus have designed high quality oak stacker boxes that compliment the trolley and perfectly sit within each tier.

Hospitality trolley system

Each Oak box is designed to sit within the recess on each tier. The smaller box can also stack on the larger one. This offers greater stable capacity whilst manoeuvring. Each box is designed to a high standard and can be used as stand alone display and presentation boxes. This is very useful for setting out in catering and hospitality events.

The Hospitality Trolley system is currently made up up of the following:

The Burford Trolley range

The Burford Trolley is a classic design with timeless oak supports. It is available in a Lacquered or black oak finish. It is also available with an extended drop leaf version for greater capacity.

The Bourton Trolley range

The Bourton Trolley is a contemporary design with sleek polished stainless steel supports offering a cutting edge look to any boardroom or restaurant. It is available in a Lacquered or black oak finish.

Trolley Insert Boxes

The trolley boxes are also available in either lacquered or black oak to complement or contrast your trolley. They come in 2 sizes and offer even greater functionality to your trolley. The boxes are designed to stack securely upon each other and into each trolley tier. Each trolley tier has rebates which fit the boxes perfectly.