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Modular Buffet System

Modular Buffet SystemWe build the Ligneus Modular buffet system for robust everyday use. It has an exceptional design for high end corporate hospitality and catering. The versatile system comprises a range of high end executive service catering trolleys and interchangeable buffet components.

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The Ligneus Modular Buffet System

The modular components fit within standard footprints in order to accommodate gastronorms. The unique B-size* footprints are designed around our catering trolleys so assisting in set up and replenishment. Improved set up times and replenishment efficiency between front & back of house provide for a fast & efficient operation.

Improving Customer Experience. Our Modular buffet system is leading the way in delivering a complete front to back of house system. It is not only attractive but it shortens set up and replenishment times so improving customer experience. It is a premium solution for a high end environment.

From high end stackable oak boxes and trays to Food & Beverage Stations this is a comprehensive buffet system. Its aesthetics and ergonomics improve customer service and experience therefore leading to a healthier business environment.

What Makes a Great Buffet?

Well of course the best buffets offer the best food however a close second is the arrangement and display of that food.

Our designer buffet equipment offers everything you need for an eye-catching breakfast, brunch, or dinner buffet. A well laid out buffet allows guests to browse and serve themselves at will. With your customers happily serving themselves staff can focus on ensuring everything else is just so. A great buffet display will provide efficient and seamless set up, replenishment and clearing away.

A striking food display will entice customers to try your signature dishes and keep them coming back for more. Whether you are a small catering company, a large hotel, a family restaurant or a café, a successful buffet improves customer experience. This in turns creates a desirable destination and a healthy business.

So What Exactly are your B-sizes?

We design our modular units around a “B-Size” which is proportional & larger to Gastronorm sizes eg B1/3 ∝ GN1/3. In this way you can seamlessly assemble your buffets.

modular buffet system